About Spectrum Art Studios

In 2013, I chose to follow my heart and passion and work full time doing what I love - creating ART and sharing it with others. Spectrum Art Studios was born from this idea. ‘Spectrum’ represents all of the colors of the rainbow, as well as all of the colors (ups, downs, struggles, victories, etc.) of life. It represents the ages of my Students - from toddler to senior citizen, as well as the effect that Art has had throughout time. It represents the various mediums that I teach others and that I work within my own Art, as well as the variety of skills and experiences that I have learned throughout the years.

Through Spectrum Art Studios I teach weekly classes, for all ages, that mirror the school year schedule. As well, I teach indoor and outdoor weekend workshops, Art parties for grown-ups, birthday parties for kids, and ‘Artist-in-Residence’ classes throughout the School District. With Art instruction, I can teach people how to truly see the world around them. This helps them to slow down and be mindful. It also improves memory and attention to detail! I say it all the time, but Students truly are AMAZED at themselves when they see what they create in my classes. When I am not teaching art, I am creating it! This includes sketches, paintings, drawings, commissioned work - such as portraits, logos, graphic design, and everything under the rainbow’ that is creative!
- Tanya Shymko

Weekly scheduled classes are held at 715 Destiny Drive, Quesnel, BC