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About Spectrum Art Studios

September 2022 marks my 23rd anniversary of teaching art! Over the years, I have taught hundreds of kids and adults (aged 3 - 85) to draw and paint. In my classes, Students learn about materials, techniques, composition, colour theory, and so much more! 

But it is not just about the art!

By taking art classes, Students enter an environment that is encouraging, non-discrimitory, and inclusive. They learn to gain confidence as they make 'safe' mistakes while learning how to fix them and embrace them. They feel the spark of pride as they watch their artwork develop and take shape. They amaze themselves with creating something that they never thought was possible. 

They realize that we all have our own unique style, and that we each do things in our own way. They not only learn from my instruction, but they learn from each other. They relax. They make new friends. Their memory improves. They pay closer attention to detail. They begin to see the world a bit differently, and in turn... they begin to see themselves a bit differently, too!​

‘Spectrum’ represents all of the colours of the rainbow, as well as all of the colours (ups, downs, struggles, victories, etc.) of life. It represents the ages of my Students, as well as the effect that Art has had on people throughout time. It represents the various mediums that I teach, as well as the variety of skills and experiences that I have learned throughout the years that I now pass on to others.


It is not just about art. In my classes, over the last 2 decades, I have witnessed Students learning so much more!

- Tanya Shymko

Weekly scheduled classes are held at 715 Destiny Drive, Quesnel, BC

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